Connect the possibilities
from all over the world, with entertainment.

WORLD FESTIVAL LABEL; established by WORLD FESTIVAL Inc., aims to connect the world by discovering and interconnect talents and possibilities of various genres (music, film photo, art, product, etc.), from all over the world, regardless of circumstances including deprived areas, refugees camp, etc.

A place where all children & juveniles can connect to the world by challenging their own possibilities. We aim to deliver and connect the importance of their existences.


Traveling around the world, brings me a lots of wonderful encounters with big possibilities and talents of children and young people. Why are you so good at singing? How did you get so talented in drawing? etc.
But they often have cases of having only few opportunities of challenging their talents and to connect to the world.

WORLD FESTIVAL LABEL discovers children’s talents, create with them, and commercialize with our produce and direction.
Through the products, we want everybody in the world, to know, and to be closer than before, about existences, possibilities, and issues around the world.

We believe the children can be interconnected beyond the nation and culture, by creating opportunities for them to make together, and for someone else in the world to arrange what the children made; it creates more connections of people as a creator. This experience will wide-open their minds and perspectives, and it will bring a better future.

Our label wish to be a place where the children and young people can challenge their possibilities and talents, and be interconnected to the world, with equal relationships.

Through the “fun” and “excitement” of entertainment, we believe that a solution can be found in ending the world’s various global issues and conflict. Our aim at WORLD FESTIVAL LABEL is to become a bridge, interconnecting the global society around us, and to create the world of empathy and consciousness.